2019 summer sandals men’s fashion trend casual shoes

To say what summer shoes are the coolest sandals . When it comes to sandals, many people refused. When I was young, I had a pair of sandals and I was very happy. At that time, because I didn’t care about my appearance, as long as I was cool, now we are growing up, and we are more and more concerned about our image. Sandals become our troubles.

High value sandals


Silver straps, stylish and generous

Recommended with: stripes, polka-dot stockings


Although it is a flip-flop, it looks a bit “positive”.

Recommended with: barefoot or striped socks.


With a unique adjustable strap, the upper foot feels great

Recommended with: solid color socks or striped socks.


Ankle sandals

it is recommended to match: white socks,


Men’s slippers

Recommended with: solid color socks.


Rally sandals

Recommended with: barefoot best


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